Zamia floridana
Other names:  Florida Arrowroot, Florida Zamia
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photo of Zamia floridana
photo of Zamia floridana photo of Zamia floridana
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Optimal Light:Partial shade image
Light Range:Full sun to full shade image
Soil Moisture:High soil moisture image
Wildlife:Butterfly image 
Drought Tolerance:High
Invasive Status:N/A
Florida's only native cycad; seeds and caudex poisonous; sole larval food plant for atala butterfly; pest sensitive; temperatures in low 20s turn foliage brown
Growth Rate:Slow
Mature Height:1 - 5 ft.
Mature Spread:3 - 5 ft.
Soil Texture:Any
Soil pH:Any
Salt Tolerance:High
Hardiness Zone:8b-11
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