About us

Welcome to Floridayards

There is so much to learn about plant science, gardening, cleaning, organizing, plant care, and so on. Floridayards is proud to be a space that offers you all those knowledge and more. 

You will also find joy here, physically and mentally, when gardening. We aspire to be where you visit and discover the healing power of gardening.


William Golder

Hi, I am William – Floridayards’ digital content creator. If you face any challenges when gardening, either for starters or seasoned gardeners, reach out to me. 

My job is to find answers to all your concerns with thorough research and our team’s expert advice. I will also bring you honest reviews on the best products and equipment for raising your beautiful garden. Please look forward to our work!

Dorian Goodwin

Hello, my name is Dorian Goodwin and I have worked as a gardener and groundskeeper for the past 12 years.

You can count on me for expert guidance on how to care for your garden. Creating a lush lawn for your front yard or growing an array of colorful flowers for your garden is a labor of love that I fully appreciate. And I am here to help.