When is the Best Time to Plant Daffodil Bulbs in 2023?

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when is the best time to plant daffodil bulbs

Isn’t it spectacular to see bright flowers waving their colorful shade in your garden as early as spring? If it is, then this article is for you!

Daffodil bulbs are a great flower to plant because they produce a variety of colors ranging from yellow, orange, pink, to white. They are also easy to grow and will look beautiful next to hyacinths, tulips, and roses.

If you find them interesting, learning when is the best time to plant daffodil bulbs is essential to encourage on-time blooms. Plant them around September to November in autumn, 2-4 weeks before the ground freezes.


Best Time to Grow Daffodil Bulbs

1. What season to plant Daffodil Bulbs? Plant them in the fall!


Daffodil bulbs are cold-tolerant plants that need a series of low temperatures to prepare themselves for producing blossoms once springtime comes.

Hence, it is essential to know the daffodil planting time when growing them because they need decent and workable ground, which is enough to establish their roots.

As a general rule of thumb, planting daffodil bulbs in fall is the right time, as the soil is still ideal and not covered yet with frost.

2. September through November are when Daffodil bulbs will thrive.


Just like all other plants, daffodils have their preferred planting schedule to encourage optimum growth.

The best time of year to grow them is around September through November. But it will vary depending on where you live.

For areas with higher temperatures, you can plant them as late as November. Those who live in cooler climates can sow bulbs as early as September.

These months are ideal because the soil temperature during this time is about 60°F, which is optimum for daffodils’ growth.

3. Plant 2-4 weeks before the ground freezes.


When should daffodil bulbs be planted? It will depend on the state you’re in because some places have warmer climates and others have cooler ones.

To determine the accurate time to plant daffodils, know when your first frost occurs and count backward two to four weeks from that date to ensure that your bulb will not suffer from unfavorable temperatures.

If you plant daffodils and tulips together, know that tulips will need six to eight weeks to grow before frost arrives.

For example, if you live in Georgia, you need to plant daffodils around September 3-17 because the region’s first frost will likely fall on October 1.

But if you live in Louisiana, you can plant them as late as October 4 to 18 because the state’s first frost will start on November 1.

How to Plant?

  1. Prepare and know where to plant daffodils. You can place daffodil sun or shade, as they are not picky, and use well-draining soil for sowing.
  2. Dig a trench for planting directly on the ground. For growing daffodils in pots, ensure that you use those with holes at the bottom to avoid waterlogging.
  3. Set the bulbs pointing upward with at least 4 inches of depth below the ground and at least 4 inches of space between them.
  4. Irrigate the bulbs with an inch of water after planting. For bulbs in pots, set them in a cool place afterward. Watering is unnecessary during winter, but once spring comes, give daffodils an inch of water per week.

Types of Daffodils

1. Trumpet Cup


This variety has regular massive and long cups which complement the smaller petals inside, making the whole flora look more attractive.

If you live in zone 7 and below, this type is the best to plant, as they prefer cold temperatures. Trumpet cups are also perennial and will last in your garden for years to come.

2. Double


This variety can produce two blossoms on one stem. One enticing thing about them is that they develop plenty of petals, especially in the middle part of the flora.

Double daffodils also give off a pleasant smell, making your garden smell sweet. White Lion, Sherbourne, and Tahiti are examples of this variety.

3. Triandrus


Triandrus is peculiar for its small stature and drooping feature. But what makes Triandrus flowers interesting to plant is their sweet smell and compatibility with containers.

If you live in warmer areas like zone 9, the Thalia variety is a great choice for planting, as it prefers warmer winter temperatures.

4. Jonquilla


This type is adaptable both to places with warm and cold climates. What makes them attractive is their resistance to high temperatures and their impressive feature of having multiple blossoms on one stem.

Care for Daffodil Bulbs

  1. Daffodils thrive in slightly acidic soil, preferably a range between 6.0 to 7.0. Therefore, plant them in soil with this kind of pH level.
  2. Irrigate your daffodil plants during the spring and fall to keep them moist. But keep them dry during the summer.
  3. Apply fertilizer to the plant after foliage appears to encourage flower production.
  4. Give daffodils six hours of sunshine per day and mulch them during winter.


What is the latest month to plant daffodil bulbs?

You can plant daffodil bulbs as late as January if the soil is not yet covered with frost.

However, the downside of growing them during this time is that their blooming season will be delayed, and their blossoms might be smaller than usual.

What happens if you plant Daffodils in spring?

Daffodil bulbs planted in spring might fail to produce blossoms because they need long, cold temperatures to initiate flower production.

Aside from that, growing daffodils during this time may make it hard for them to establish a good root system that is essential for relaying sufficient nutrients and moisture to the whole plant.

Should I soak Daffodil bulbs before planting?

Soaking them in water before planting will encourage them to germinate quicker than usual. However, if you don’t need to rush things, there’s no harm in not soaking them.

Is Daffodil Annual or Perennial?

Unlike other annual plants that have a long blooming season for a year and then die afterward, Daffodils are perennial plants that will keep on producing flowers every year.


Daffodils are indeed an interesting flower to grow because aside from their alluring look and scent, they are very easy to plant and care for.

Remember to plant bulbs in autumn around September through November instead of spring to establish a good root system and encourage optimum growth.

But for a more accurate planting window, count 2-4 weeks backward from the first frost. Hopefully, this article about when is the best time to plant daffodil bulbs helps you a lot. Thanks for reading!


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