What is the Best Time to Plant Garlic in New York in 2023?

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what is the best time to plant garlic in new york

New York has always been famous for its flashy tall buildings and the Statue of Liberty, which attracts many. Aside from these, who would have thought the state also performed well in agriculture?

New York actually ranks 5th for producing garlic in the US. And that is because of its chilly autumn climate that makes this cool-season crop thrive.

If you are curious what is the best time to plant garlic in New York, September to November, when the temperature is 50℉ is the ideal time.

Best Time to Plant Garlic in New York

1. Plant garlic from September to November


The autumn climate in NY is home to many cool-season veggies, such as elephant garlic (which is actually a leek), garlic, and turnips. This time of the year is ideal for planting bulbs to initiate on-time root establishment.

The best month to plant garlic for the state is around September through November, after the first frost arrives.

Although some plants are susceptible to cold, garlic must experience some wintry but not freezing periods to develop.

Therefore, if you plan to grow garlic from cloves, the first thing you need to know is when the first frost will start.

  • For example, you can plant garlic in Buffalo NY on October 20 because its first frost usually starts on October 19.

Growing garlic in NY is the same as planting them in other countries or states. Whether you live in Melbourne, Victoria, or in NSW, fall planting is recommended because it allows for a long vegetative period.

With that said, here are the frost dates for some areas of New York. Since we don’t plant in spring, there’s no need to focus on the last spring frost.

Location First Frost (32 degrees)
Binghamton October 9
Jamestown September 30
Gloversville October 3

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2. Sow garlic seeds once the temperature is at least 50°F


Since this crop prefers to grow in cold weather, the garlic growing time starts once the temperature goes down.

You can plant winter garlic once the temperature drops to 50°F, but it is best to keep them growing under the range of about 32-50°F.

Avoid planting them in hot temperatures, as it can stunt their growth. Since New York is known for having hot summers, growing them during this time is not ideal.

Once they reach maturity, the time to harvest garlic in New York is in August or around mid-July in Western NY. Ensure to cure them under temperatures of 60-90°F and in a covered, well-ventilated room.

What Garlic Grows Best in NY?


Cold-tolerant hardneck garlic is ideal for those in the cooler regions of NY between zones 3-5, while soft-neck varieties are perfect for warmer places ranging from zones 6-7.

Rocamboles are one of the best hardnecks you can plant. They thrive in zones 3-6 and bear massive bulbs that have a perfect taste. Porcelains are also a great choice, since they are adaptable to a wide range of climates, making them ideal for growing in any region in NY.

As for softneck varieties, Silverskin is ideal, since it has a firm clove structure and can adapt to zone 7 and 6 climates. If you want large, easy-to-separate bulbs, Artichoke is an excellent choice.

Where to Buy Garlic Bulbs for Planting?

It is best to buy garlic bulbs from growers because they sell fresh and untreated ones. Don’t plant supermarket garlic, which has been sprayed with chemicals to hinder growth.

How to Plant Garlic in New York?


  • Sow cloves in the ground at a 2-inch depth and with 4 inches of distance between cloves.
  • Afterward, you can opt to put some mulch on them. According to Cornell growing garlic guide, it can protect them from heavy frost.

However, it is essential to know that you should avoid growing garlic along with onions, as they both share the same disease.

Is February Too Late to Plant Garlic?

It is not too late to plant garlic in February. You can grow them 4-6 weeks before the last frost date. In New York city, that is usually around April 3.

If you count 4-6 weeks backward from that date, you can plant as late as February 20 to March 6.

However, spring planting will produce lower yields, so it’s better to wait until fall.

How Long Does Garlic Take to Grow?

On average, growing and harvesting garlic takes eight months. If you see yellow foliage, that means they’re ready for harvest.


Garlic is easy to grow in New York. Since the state has both cold and warm zones, you can plant any variety between the hardneck and softneck types.

Ensure to plant them in the fall and while the temperature is low to let them grow properly. Also, apply some mulch if heavy frost is approaching.

Now that you know what is the best time to plant garlic in New York, choose your preferred variety and plant them once autumn comes!

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