When to Plant Brussel Sprouts Zone 5? (Best Time)

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when to plant brussel sprouts zone 5

Brussels sprouts are cold-loving crops that do better when they grow under cool temperatures. That’s why gardeners in zone 5 enjoy producing these veggies, given their advantage of having chilly climates.

However, the region has harsh winters with temperatures that drop below zero, making it risky to grow this cultivar without planning.

That’s why learning when to plant Brussel sprouts Zone 5 is essential. The optimum time for sowing seedlings is August in late summer or May in spring for ideal harvests.


Best Time to Brussel Sprouts Zone 5

1. Plant seedlings in August


Brussels sprouts are cold-tolerant crops that can withstand low temperatures of 20°F. However, overly frigid climates are unsafe for the plants and might damage them.

Upon reflecting on the climate in zone 5, the scary thing is that its winter temperature can go down below zero. While zone 5a can go as low as -20°F, zone 5b can drop to -15°F. For this reason, it is essential not to plant them during winter.

In practice, the ideal zone 5b planting schedule for Brussels sprouts starts around late summer and continues until fall, beginning ten weeks before the first frost to avoid unfavorable temps.

And since 5a has only a 5°F difference compared with 5b, they share the same growing window. Here is how you calculate the planting date:

  • For example, the average first frost date of zone 5 is October 15. Count 10 weeks backward from that date and plant seedlings around August 6.

However, if you plan to sow seeds indoors, you can do it by following the seed starting calendar: count another 6-8 weeks backward from your planting date to get the sowing time.

  • Since the proper planting date for seedlings is August 6 for zone 5, start seeds indoors by June 11-25.

2. Plant seedlings in April as an alternative planting period


There is another alternative option on when to plant your Brussels sprout if you missed the late summer to fall planting period. Go for springtime gardening, as the climate at this time is also quite cool but not freezing.

When growing Brussels sprouts in spring, you need to learn first when to start seeds indoors zone 5.

Since a sudden burst of frost is possible at the start of spring, you may grow and take care of brussels inside your home.

  • On average, you can sow your early spring vegetables seed six weeks before the last frost date. Therefore, start them indoors on April 3 since your last frost will probably fall on May 15.

Afterward, the zone 5 planting schedule for setting them outdoors once they reach a height of 3 inches is two weeks before the last frost date.

  • Thus, if your last frost is May 15, you can move your transplants outdoors by May 1.

Is Brussel Sprout a Perennial in Zone 5?


No, because they are biennial crops. Although the climate in zone 5 is ideal for them, plants like this only have a maximum of two years to live, where they grow in the first year and produce yields only until the second year before they stop bearing sprouts.


Like all other cold-hardy plants, Brussels sprouts are impressive crops because of how much they can tolerate low temperatures. 

But since too much frost is not safe for the plants, it is best to grow them in late summer or spring to avoid the adverse winter weather. To be more specific, start them in August or May for the ideal planting time.

Feel free to read this post again if you need a guide on when to plant Brussel sprouts zone 5.

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