When to Plant Corn in Texas for a Bumper Harvest?

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when to plant corn in texas

Many crops grow in Texas, but corn plays a crucial role in the state because of its essential use for livestock and food grade. That’s why the land keeps producing it, making them the eleventh super producer of the said cultivar.

If you want to grow them, learning when to plant corn in Texas is necessary before anything else for ideal development. Plant them between January and June, 2-3 weeks after the last frost, to induce healthy growth.

Best Time to Plant Corn in Texas

1. Best season to plant corn in Texas


Corn is not easy to grow because of the many conditions that growers must meet to achieve its proper growth. This crop is a warm-season plant that needs at least 60 days in warmer climates to grow well.

It is essential to grow them in mild environments. Because aside from the fact that they cannot do well in the cold, they also need a moderate soil temperature of at least 60°F to sprout.

For this reason, the corn planting season starts in spring, when the frosty periods are over. You can sow this fruit or vegetable rather, 2-3 weeks after the last spring frost because the ground has already warmed up during this time.

So here are the simple steps on how to do it:

  1. Know your last frost date.
  2. Count 2-3 weeks after that date.
  3. Sow your corn seeds at the designated time.

For example, in Houston, the last frost in the city is on February 17. Count 2-3 weeks after that date and plant seeds on March 10.

However, since Texas is an enormous state, planting dates in Texas will differ on where you live. Refer to this table to identify the last frost date of your city.

  First frost date Last frost date
Austin 30th Nov 1st March
Dallas 22nd Nov 12th March
Houston 10th Dec 17th Feb
Fort Worth 12th Nov 21st March
San Antonio 23 Nov 4th March

If you live in Jefferson County in Southeast Texas, you can plant later, around April 20, 2 weeks after its last frost on April 6.

2. Best months to plant the Texas sweet corn


If you have a question about where corn is grown in Texas, almost every region produces this crop.

However, the Northern High Plains is the largest contributor to the corn production industry, while the crop-growing regions in Texas around Blacklands, Upper Coast, and South Central Texas have a 4-12% contribution in producing this crop.

But whether you live in either of these places, the growing season for corn will start around January and through June, just when the temperatures are higher.

3. Planting corn in different areas of Texas


Although Iowa is the state with the most corn production in the USA, Texas is not left behind, as many growers in every region still work a lot to grow this cultivar.

The corn growing season in the state will vary according to every region since not all experience the same date when the wintry periods will be over.

While February through April is the ideal time for planting for those in zone 8 through 9 in the South, mid-March through mid-June is the best month for growing corn in zones 6 and 7 in North Texas.

However, if you are in Central Texas, planting corn seeds in late February through late May is optimum. These sowing dates will guarantee you the corn harvest season around July through November.

But for more successful harvesting, it is necessary that before you plant this cultivar, you must prepare a field for planting corn where they can get a maximum of 8 hours of sun and soil with good drainage but can hold enough water.

This type of crop drinks lots of water. Therefore, good soil that can hold sufficient moisture is essential, which is an advantage for growers in East Texas since their water drainage flows moderately.

However, if your soil drains too quickly or poorly, adding compost to the ground is an excellent way to amend the soil.


Corn Production in Texas

Every year, corn is in season in Texas, making them bear a pile of 105 corn per acre. If you are wondering about how much corn does Texas produce yearly, they bring in about 285 million of these.

How long does corn take to grow in Texas?

Corn needs a long frost-free period to grow well and an average of 120 days to develop at its maximum for harvesting delicious crops.

What is the best corn to grow in East Texas?

Silver Queen is one of the best white corn varieties to plant in the state. Aside from its adaptability to Texas heat, it produces corn ears that can grow up to 9” long and can store well in cold temperatures within a week.

The sweet-tasting Butter and Sugar is also a favorite of many because of its delicious taste and consistent quality. Plant this in Texas since it also flourishes well in the state’s weather.

Can you plant corn in August in Texas?

Planting corn in August for a fall garden is possible in North and South Texas. Sow them on the first day of the month for those growers in the North and scatter seeds on the 15th for those in the South.

But ensure to sow the variety that can be harvested before the first hard frost, as they are susceptible to it.


Now that you know when to plant corn in Texas, now is the time to sow your sweet corn seeds for a bountiful harvest by July through November.

If you live in the South, grow them around February to April, but if you are in the North, as early as mid-March is ideal.

However, if you need a specific date for planting your seeds, count at least two weeks after your last spring frost before sowing them on the ground.

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