When to Plant Garlic in Texas? Is It too Late Now?

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when to plant garlic in texas

Garlic is a famous crop grown in the US, and Texas takes part in planting it. Although the region is one of the hottest states in the country, this cold-season crop still flourishes in the land.

That said, since the region experiences extreme summers, these periods might harm your plants. Therefore, knowing when to plant garlic in Texas can eliminate this risk.

In short, you should sow them around September through November at a temperature between 32-50°F to induce the best growth.

Best Time to Plant Garlic in Texas

1. Plant garlic in fall or spring


A large bulb with classic cloves is the type of garlic we want to harvest in summer. And the proper planting time contributes to producing the best yields.

Plant garlic in the fall

The best time to plant garlic is in the fall, about 4-6 weeks before the first frost arrives. As the freezing season in Texas typically begins on October 16 to December 31, the best time for planting garlic in Texas in fall would be around late September to November.

  • If you live in Houston, Southeast Texas, you can plant them from October 27 to November 10 because you will experience a hard freeze by December 8.
  • Dallas in North Texas usually begins their freezing period on November 20th, so the residents here can sow garlic from September 25 to October 9.
  • San Saba from Central Texas welcomes its first fall frost on November 7, meaning it’s ideal to start cultivating garlic from September 26 to October 10.

The great thing about growing garlic during this time is that they will develop a solid root system before the ground gets covered with frost. It’ll also allow garlic to go through dormancy, which is essential for proper plant growth, without the crops’ vulnerable top being exposed to the freezing cold.

Garlic takes about 9 months to mature on average. So if you plant garlic in November, you can expect to harvest garlic in Texas in August.

Plant garlic in spring

Spring garlic planting in Texas is also possible. The proper growing schedule is to sow them 4-6 weeks before the freezing period ends, provided that the ground has thawed. During this time, the soil has warmed up enough to encourage plant growth, but not too hot for this cold-season crop.

  • If you live in Tyler in East Texas, plant your cloves in February, around the first week to the 15th day of the month, since their last frost will end on March 15.
  • San Angelo in West Texas will end their freezing period on April 1, so the people here can prepare a new planting season from 18 February onwards.

However, although the garlic season stretches up to springtime, growing them during this period will only allow them a short span to develop before the heat waves strike. As a result, you will get smaller-sized bulbs.

2. Plant garlic once the temperature is between 32° and 50°F.


When you grow garlic in Texas, it requires the proper climate to develop well. On average, they need a temperature of 32°-50°F during their early growth. Take note not to plant them when the heat is excessive and above 80°F, as it will harm them.

Instead, sow them in pots once the climate becomes suitable. Then, let them undergo the chilly temperatures of about 40°F to satisfy their vernalization requirements for proper clove formation. If the weather is not cool enough, place the pots in the fridge’s crisper drawer.

After harvest, it is essential to cure garlic in a room with a hot temperature of about 60-90°F for at least two weeks to dry them well. Their long exposure to this range will allow them to have tasty yields.



What kind of garlic grows best in Texas?

The soft-neck garlic is suitable for Texas because it is better at adapting to the warm climates of Texas than the hard-necks that prefer colder environments.

One of the best garlic bulbs for planting in Texas is the Inchelium Red, a softneck variety that produces massive cloves with a rich and buttery flavor.

It is also ideal to plant California Early cultivar because not only is this softneck garlic low-maintenance, but its yields can also last long.

Texas Rose is also a good garlic bulb for planting, especially in the spring, because of its ability to acclimatize to warmer springtime temperatures in the South.

Can I plant garlic in April in Texas?

Yes, you can plant garlic as late as April. However, their bulbs will not be as desirable as those you sow in the fall because of their shorter growing time – when planted this late, the plants only have around 3-4 months to mature.

As a result, not only will garlic produce small yields, but there will be no proper bulb development too. However, you can take advantage of this period by growing and harvesting them as green garlic for their onion-y green stalks instead.


After learning all this, you can have rich bulbs by planting them at the proper time – it’s either 4-6 weeks before the first or last frost. Fall planting will be best for a large yield; however, spring cultivation is possible too, especially if you prefer green garlic.

I hope this article on when to plant garlic in Texas was helpful. If it is, please share it with your co-gardeners, too. Thank you!

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