When to Plant Grass Seed in Texas? (Best Time in 2023)

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when to plant grass seed in texas

Whether to entertain friends, reconnect with nature, or have fun in our spare time, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a lush home lawn.

Approximately 80 percent of Americans value having a lawn in their homes, perhaps even more than they value other amenities like storage areas or bathrooms.

If you’re renovating your house and have made your yard a priority, you may be curious when to plant grass seed in Texas. In short, the ideal time to seed lawn in Texas is March or April in spring and August to September in the fall. Read below for specifics.

Best Time to Plant Grass Seed in Texas


1. Plant grass in spring and fall for all of Texas.

The best time to put down grass seed is after the last frost and before the first frost. Fall planting should commence 60 days before freezing weather arrives, to be specific.

As for varieties, warm-season grass will thrive best in spring, while cool-season types will do better in the fall.

Note that spring and fall planting will allow your seeds to grow, but eventually, most turfs will become dormant during winter, leaving you with a brown lawn instead of a green field.

To avoid this problem, consider overseeding fully established Bermuda or St.Augustine grass with ryegrass before winter. Do this five to eight weeks before the first frost so that the plant has time to settle in.

However, beware that the overseeded grass may not die out fast enough for the warm-season turf to replace it, thereby hindering the revival of your spring lawn. In this case, the best time to reseed lawn again is late spring.

Sow new seeds when the temperature is 70 to 80℉, at a rate of one to two pounds every 1,000 square feet. Check the recommendations on your seed package for the best gardening practice.

Meanwhile, here is the best time to plant grass in Texas for some regions within the state:

Location Grow grass in spring Grow grass in fall
In San Antonio, south Texas March 6 September 19
In Odessa, west Texas March 28 September 9
In Dallas, north Texas March 10 September 21
In Killeen, central Texas March 25 September 9
In Houston, southeast Texas February 19 October 9
In Tyler, east Texas March 16 September 14

2. Growing different types of grass

Different grass types have their preferred seasons for growing. Moreover, it’s vital to note that some varieties are not available as or grow well from seeds, namely Texas bluegrass and St. Augustine grass.

With that in mind, here is the ideal time for planting grass seed in Texas, sorted by plant species:

Species Best season or best month to plant grass seeds
Bermuda grass Spring and early summer (May to August, or two months after the last frost)
Centipede grass Spring, late summer, or early fall (April to July)
Zoysia grass Spring and early summer (March to May)
Buffalo grass Spring (can extend from April to June if you must plant in the summer)
Tall fescue grass Fall (September to November)
Kentucky bluegrass

Tips to Plant Grass Seed in Texas


  • Measure the area of your lawn to buy enough seeds and fertilizers. While you’re at it, conduct a soil test two to four weeks before growing grass in Texas. The results will allow you to adjust the pH and nutritional makeup of the soil for optimal growth.
  • Next, till and fertilize the soil prior to planting. Follow the test’s stipulations, or opt for a combination of 1 pound nitrogen and just as much potassium with 1.5 times as much phosphate for every 100o square feet. The fertilizer should be incorporated into the lawn at a depth of four to six inches.
  • Pour seeds into the spreader following the quantity and spreader settings on the seed bag, then rake the soil. You may also use a weighted roller instead of a rake, but remember to walk and move the spreader in a serpentine pattern.
  • Make sure the temperatures are favorable when you sow seeds. Warm-season grass will need 65 to 70℉ to grow, with 80 to 95 degrees being the optimal range. On the other hand, cool-season varieties can develop under 50 to 65 degrees, though temperatures up to 75 degrees still enable substantial growth.
  • Last but not least, water the lawn once or twice per week for a total of 1 to 1.5 inches of moisture weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best types of grass seed to plant in Texas?

You can use the following list as a reference when selecting your grass type.

Warm-season grass

  • Bermuda – Seeded bermuda is often thicker than non-seeded types. Cultivars to look for include the Arizona Common, Contessa, Riviera, and Southern Star.
  • Buffalo – Ideal for rainy East Texas, plus central and west Texas. Varieties you can try are Topgun, Texoka, and Commanche.
  • Centipede – Doesn’t grow from seeds as well as it does from sod, but is relatively low-maintenance. Common and TifBlair seeds are available for purchase.
  • Zoysia – Drought-tolerant but spreads more slowly than bermuda. Seeded zoysia is pretty rare and doesn’t grow as well as sod. Two seed varieties available in stores are Zenith and Compadre.

Cool-season grass

  • Kentucky bluegrass – Ideal for northern Texas, withstands cold the best among common US cool-season turfs but doesn’t handle drought well.
  • Ryegrass – For lawn overseed in Texas, reserved for temporary use, unless you’re in the High Plains.
  • Tall fescue – This cool-season grass has good heat tolerance when given sufficient watering. Compatible with Kentucky bluegrass and ryegrass.

How do you prepare soil for grass seed in Texas?

Aside from checking the pH and nutrients, you need to loosen the soil at a depth of six inches at the minimum. Unless you’re overseeding, remove all old grass as well, along with any debris, to ensure adequate air circulation.

When is too late to plant grass seeds in Texas?

Seeding should happen 60 days before the first frost at the latest, so August to October tend to be the final months for planting, unless you live in a frost-free area.

In that case, sow seeds in winter if you want. Just prepare to accept the possibility that the seeds may wash off if an unpredictable snow comes.

When is the earliest time to plant grass seed?

The earliest time to grow grass seeds is after the last frost. In Texas, this date falls within January to April, depending on where you live.


Grass start growing in Texas in spring, summer, or fall, depending on when you plant it. Aside from adding visual appeal to your residence, turfgrass also reduces noise, cools the air, and improves soil quality. You only need to know when to plant grass seed in Texas to enjoy these benefits.

Growing grass seed in other states, please take a look at these schedules:

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