When to Plant Roses in Zone 7? (Best Month in the Year)

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when to plant roses in zone 7

Red blossoms flourishing through summer put meaning into everything. You can greet your bestie again with the roses after a long time apart or make your garden look more romantic and attractive.

With zone 7’s mild climate, growing flowers can be a cinch. However, if you want them to thrive in your yard, learning when to plant roses in zone 7 is essential.

The best time to plant them is around March through April in springtime or September in the fall, at a temperature of 40-60°F.

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Best Time to Plant Roses in Zone 7

1. Plant bare root roses around March through April.


When do roses start to grow after winter? They begin flourishing in early spring once their dormancy period ends. For this reason, this phase is the best time to plant climbing roses in zone 7 and other varieties.

As a standard rule, the ideal window to transplant them is after the final frost. And the best month to plant roses in zone 7 is around March or April, depending on where you live, because these are the months when the weather begins to warm up.

For example, In Amarillo in Texas, the last frost most likely occurs around April 13. Therefore, it is safe to sow roses after that date.

Now, if you’re wondering whether they grow better in the sun or shade, they like 8 hours of direct sunshine. Therefore, it is best to set up a planting area where they can receive enough light.

2. Start growing roses around September.


Planting in the fall is another option for growing roses.

If you want to ensure that they produce healthy roots before the freezing period starts and make their growth effective in the next season, plant them at least six weeks before the first frost begins.

  • For example, the first frost date of Bear Valley Ski Area in California zone 7 is October 1-10.
  • Count 6 weeks backward from that date range.
  • Plant them around August 20-29.

However, since zone 7 comprises many regions, others may experience their first frost earlier or later than October. Therefore, it is best to find the specific date for your locality.

3. Sow roses once the temperature is around 40-60°F.


Just like all other plants, roses have preferred temperatures. Grow them under 40-60°F, as this range encourages root growth. Since they are not that hardy, planting them at lower temperatures will hamper their development.

And a temperature of less than 10°F will kill them.

For this reason, growing roses during winter months may be a little dangerous if you don’t provide the plants with proper care, as zone 7b can go as low as 5-10°F while 7a can drop to 0-5°F.

Meanwhile, summer planting is also not ideal because of the high heat during this season. In San Diego, for instance, the temperature in August can hit 78°F. That’s why the best time to plant roses in Southern California is either in spring or fall.



How late can you plant roses in Zone 7?

Is it too late to plant in October? The answer is no. In zone 7, how late your first frost starts in the fall tells you long you can delay your planting.

Some places in the region have an earlier start of frost, but the average date for when the freezing period begins in zone 7 is November 15.

If you also live in a place where the first frost happens around this time, you can plant roses as late as October 4.

What roses grow best in Zone 7?

One of the best roses for zone 7 is the knockout shrubs because they are hardy from zone 5 to 9 and can adapt to dry conditions.

Another best roses to grow in the region are drift roses. They are great for fighting off diseases and can adapt to zone 5 through zone 8, 9 and, 10.

However, if you want to grow thornless climbing roses, the pinkie variety is ideal because it can thrive in zone 6 and tolerate conditions up to zone 9. It produces attractive pink blooms until the summer, perfect for your garden.

Can roses survive winter in pots Zone 7?

Potted roses can survive the chilly period in zone 7 if you provide them with proper care.

You will need to put some work into winterizing roses to ensure their protection from the cold. Once the cooler months arrive, keep the soil damp but not saturated to hydrate their roots, and cover them with a blanket if the temperature is too low.

Also, set them in a covered location where they are safe from strong winds but can still get sufficient light. Once spring comes, you can prune knockout roses and other varieties you planted to initiate growth.


When you plant your roses at the right time and temperature, they will bloom well and have strong roots.

Therefore, grow them once the weather is suitable and there is no longer a danger of frost. The best periods for doing this task are in the spring, around March or April, and in the fall, around September.

Hopefully, this post about when to plant roses in zone 7 will help you produce bright red blossoms in the summer.

In other zones, please take a look at this infographic to learn more about the best time to plant roses and the factors you need to consider.

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