When to Plant Strawberries in Texas? (Best Time)

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when to plant strawberries in texas

Bright red and juicy, strawberries are instantly recognizable and present in many dishes, such as jams, margaritas, and cakes. It’s no surprise that many people want to grow these fruits in gardens and use them in recipes.

So when to plant strawberries in Texas? In south Texas and North Texas, late winter is a good time to do this task. However, for the latter region, spring is also fine. As for the rest of the state (such as in east Texas), fall is the best period.

Best Time for Planting Strawberries in Texas


Now that you know the strawberry season in Texas, you should learn about the following conditions to narrow down the precise planting time (down to a month or date).

1. When there’s no frost

Strawberries are not strong enough to withstand freezing temperatures when they’re newly planted. Therefore, it’s vital to wait until the weather’s not icy before starting this fruit outdoors.

That said, if you have an indoor garden, you can try growing strawberries in containers eight weeks before the last frost.

Either way, look up the ice dates for your locality.

  • For example, Dallas, which is in North Texas, has the last frost on March 9 and the first frost on November 20.

Therefore, a good time to plant strawberries outside in this city is around mid-March until mid-November.

Alternatively, Dallas residents may grow these fruits indoors on January 12 or September 25.

  • Similarly, in Houston (specifically, parts of the city that fall under USDA zone 9a), strawberries are cultivated during autumn. As a result, it’s vital that Houston gardeners avoid the first frost on December

2. When the temperature’s right

Strawberries cannot withstand high heat, which is why they’re usually not grown during summer in Texas.

For them to bear fruits, the temperature should be 50 to 80℉. If the weather is under 32℉ or freezing, protect the plants with lightweight, breathable row covers and secure the fabric with stakes or stones. Otherwise, the strawberries will experience damage.

3. When you have the right soil type

Before growing strawberries in Texas, ensure your garden bed has a pH between 6.5 and 7. If it is more alkaline, adding sulfur to the ground will make it more acidic.

However, given that amendments may take a year to show effects, it’s better to use pots and store-bought soil if you want to plant strawberries soon.

In addition, loamy soil with good drainage is preferable, so if the earth in your garden is too sandy or clay-like, you’ll need to use compost to fix it.

Other Tips on Growing Strawberries


  • Give strawberries 6 to 10 hours of sunlight per day and one inch of water for every square foot per week. If you transplant them, water the soil daily for the first 14 days.
  • There should be 18 inches between plants and 4 feet between rows.
  • When you grow strawberries in Texas, pick the spring-bearing or short-day variety.

This is the type that suits the state’s climate best, unlike the everbearing and day-neutral kinds.

In fact, the spring-bearing cultivar is also the strawberry with the most commercial value in Texas and is often recommended for home gardens.


Knowing when to plant strawberries in Texas ensures they won’t incur damage due to unfavorable weather or fail to bear fruits. In addition, it’s necessary to care for strawberries appropriately by giving them sufficient sunlight and water.

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Hopefully, this article helped you do both of those things. If you like the information here, please share it with your friends. Happy gardening!

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