When to Plant Strawberries in Zone 7 for the Best Growth

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when to plant strawberries in zone 7

Strawberries are a cool-season crop that thrives well in moderately cold climates.

The good thing about planting them in zone 7 is that the region offers mild winters to help these fruits grow well. However, since the land has hot summers, too, they will struggle during these times.

That’s why learning when to plant strawberries in zone 7 is crucial. In short, planting them from mid-December to April and at a temperature between 60-80°F is ideal.


Best Time to Plant Strawberries in Zone 7

1. Plant bare root strawberries from mid-December to April


  • Plant in winter to spring for the best growth.

Zone 7 covers lots of states, including parts of Virginia, Maryland, California, and those in SC. The best time to grow strawberries in warm regions such as these is from the middle of December to April.

If you’re in California, plant your strawberries in December because you have the advantage of a warmer winter.

In Virginia, you can plant strawberries as early as spring, a month before the last frost.

That is because winter to spring temperatures are suitable for planting these cold-hardy fruits. Growing strawberries during this period will encourage root growth and give them time to settle before springtime.

  • In southern areas of zone 7, plant in the fall for a head start.

Other temperate climates, like those in zone 8 and zone 9 also suit planting in December.

However, some regions, like South Tennessee in Zone 7b, plant strawberries as early as fall. This time of the year allows for an additional period for roots to develop.

2. Start planting strawberries when the temperature is between 60-80F.


Strawberries achieve the best root growth when temperatures are mild, scaling between 60 and 80°F.

Aside from that, the ideal temperatures supply essential nutrients so they can grow the best yields. So planting them once the climate hits this range is optimal.

It is crucial to monitor the temperatures, as strawberries will most likely struggle to grow well when the environment is under 20°F. In fact, an air of 10°F can kill them.

The great thing about growing them in zone 7 areas like Texas, and Aspermont is that although they have a cool temperature around 64°F in winter, they hardly go down to 22°F.

Also, their spring climate is around 60°F, which is suitable for growing strawberries. Therefore, whether you sow strawberries here in winter or springtime, they will still thrive, provided that you plant them in their preferred temperatures.

For this reason, those in WV, which includes zones 6a and 6b, will find it hard to plant strawberries in winter because they experience extreme colds as low as -10°F.

Hence, protecting strawberries with covers or straw mulch when you plant them in winter is essential, even though the crops can tolerate cold climates.

At the same time, strawberries cannot tolerate the heat of 85°F and higher.

That’s why those in zones 10a and 10b need to plant them in winter. Growing strawberries in spring will cause them to suffer the summer heat.

Selecting a Variety for Zone 7


There are plenty of strawberry varieties for zone 7. One of those is the Evie-2. This type can produce desirable fruit sizes and withstand hot temperatures fit for warmer regions.

Chandler is also one of the best strawberry plants for zone 7. It is a June-bearing type that will usually bear fruit in June or in July.

However, harvesting time is different for zone 7 and above because you no longer need to wait until summer but can reap them ahead of time.

It grows into a massive fruit and can tolerate different climates. For this reason, many regions prefer to sow this cultivar, including zone 7, because it can adjust to distinct temperatures.

Flavorfest is another good option, too, because it bears a tasty yield. It is fit for zone 7 weather and other regions, since it can survive extreme cold and hot temperatures that most states have.

You can also consider planting the Ozark Beauty variety. It has a pleasant taste, and it can thrive in hot climates.

That’s why aside from zone 7, it can grow well in places with higher temperatures like zone 9.

More so, it is cold-hardy; that’s why it is best for winter planting and can also adapt to climates in northern areas like zone 3.

Finally, another variety adaptable to wintry temperatures is AC Wendy.



What month should strawberries be planted?

What month to plant strawberries in depends on where you live. As I’ve mentioned a while ago, it is best for those who live in colder regions to grow them in the spring.

Around March or April is the ideal time, since the weather in many states begins to warm up during these periods. For those who have milder climates, a good time for starting them is in December to as late as April.

Where is the best place to plant strawberry bushes?

Strawberries need 6-8 hours of sunlight and acidic soil to grow well. So before planting them, prepare an area that can catch full light and use soil testers to know if the ground is suitable.

A pH range of 5.5-6.8 is best for encouraging proper growth. In Maryland, gardeners have the advantage in growing strawberries, since their soil is acidic in most areas.

But for other zone 7 states, you can apply lime to treat the extremely acidic soil and sulfur to reduce alkalinity.

How long does it take for a strawberry plant to produce fruit?

Strawberries need an average of 90 days to form foliage and bear fruits. However, the growing environment and planting time affect how long their developing period will be.

Therefore, to achieve the proper length of growing days, it is crucial to plant them at the ideal time and temperature, on an appropriate planting site, and with the right soil pH.

When to plant strawberries in zone 6?

Those who live in zone 6 and other colder areas like 5a, 5b, 4a, and 4b have different planting periods from those in zone 7. Residents in these places need to plant strawberries in the spring, so they can get established before winter.


Strawberries are lovely fruits that need proper growing conditions to flourish and produce a desirable yield.

Since they are susceptible to extreme heat and cold damage, the rule of thumb is to sow them from winter to spring and in mild weather to establish good roots.

For the best growth, plant suitable varieties like Ozark Beauty strawberries, in the proper soil and with full sun.

Now that you know when to plant strawberries in zone 7, prepare and wait for the right time to sow them!

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