Winter Garden, Florida: Where is It and What to Do

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where is winter garden florida

Whether you’re planning to visit the Sunshine State or study its geography, you will probably hear about Winter Garden, considering it’s a common tourist destination.

So, where is Winter Garden Florida, you may ask. Located next to the town of Windermere and Lake Apopka on the map, with 34787 as its zip code, this city is known for its citrus production and historic buildings constructed from 1915 to 1940.

But there’s more to discover in this part of the United States. Read on to learn more about Winter Garden.

The Location of Winter Garden Florida

The Garden’s closest neighbors are Windemere Town on its South and Ocoee city on its east. When you leave the Winter Garden and drive to the west, you will enter Oakland and meet Lake Apopka if you head to the north.

To visit the Winter Garden, you can drive from nearby cities, including Ocoee, Pine Hills, Apopka, Lockhart, Forest City, Oak Ridge, Orlando, Pine Castle, Altamonte Springs, etc.

From the heart of these above cities, you only need to drive around 15 miles (about 24 km) to get to the Winter Garden in Florida.

Transportation to Winter Garden, FL, USA


To travel to Winter Garden, one needs to go to its county. But what county is Winter Garden in? The answer is Orange County.

To get to this region, individuals may use the plane, train (Brightline, Amtrak, and Sunrail), or bus (Lynx and Greyhound). Such forms of transportation are also available to those traveling to other destinations from Orange County.

Once a person is in Winter Garden through the above means, Highway 50 and the Western Beltway provide access to living accommodations, shopping centers, museums, and other locations.

These roads also lead to Orlando Florida, which is convenient for tourists who want to visit Disney World and enjoy its theme parks.

Aside from public transportation, people in Winter Garden, like many in the United States, also use personal vehicles. Most of them own cars (with an average of 2 vehicles a household).

For them, navigating Winter Garden is not tricky with apps like Google Maps and Waze available for directions and street map views.

Popular Tourist Spots in Winter Garden

In terms of culture and entertainment, the Winter Garden downtown area stands out compared to other parts of the city.

It has Plant Street, which hosts twenty shops, of which many sell foods (such as sushi, ribeye, or bonbons), which is great for culinary enthusiasts. Plus, it offers candles that are reminiscent of Harry Potter and postcards that double as jewelry.

In addition, the downtown area has the Central Florida Railroad Museum, which displays dining car china, photos, maps, and other items that mark the development of trains in the region.

Other noteworthy locations are the Sobo Art Gallery, the Garden Theater (which celebrate arts, music, and films), Newton Park (great for picnics and taking photos), and Centennial Plaza (which holds live music events).

History of Winter Garden


Although Americans first settled in Winter Garden in the 1850s, it wasn’t until 1908 that it became a city. During this time, the region’s economy revolved around agriculture (specifically, the production of citrus and vegetables), lumber manufacturing, and fishing.

However, citrus is no longer a big part of the economy, and the people of Winter Garden work in many more industries, from sales and business to healthcare, construction, and entertainment.

Winter Garden vs. Winter Park Florida

When looking at a Florida map, one might notice Winter Park in addition to Winter Garden, as both belong to the same county. Here are some differences between the two:

  • Winter Garden has a bigger population than Winter Park (almost 47,000 versus over 29,700).
  • Winter Garden has almost twice as much land area as Winter Park (16.33 versus 8.76 square miles).
  • Winter Garden was established earlier than Winter Park (1857 versus 1887).


Now, you should know the answer to “where is Winter Garden Florida” and some facts relating to its history and present.

If you have the chance to visit this city or the Winter Garden FL county, make sure to find the enjoyable attractions and convenient routes for your trip.

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