When to Plant Four O’clock Seeds for Gorgeous Blooms

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when to plant four o'clock seeds

Let’s embark on a horticultural journey with the knowledge of when to plant four o’clock seeds! These charming blossoms, scientifically known as Mirabilis Jalapa, open in late afternoon, perfect for homeowners who want to see evening flowers in their garden.

As they prefer to avoid cold weather, it’s recommended that you grow 4 o’clocks from seed when spring has arrived. It may be in the middle of early April and mid-May, when the last frost in your area has passed and the soil is warming up.

The Best Time to Plant Four O’Clock Seeds

Four o’clock seedlings thrive when planted in the absence of frosty weather, typically in spring, around early April and mid-May. It’s usually the same time you would plant other warm-season annuals.

The last frost date is an essential factor to determine. The planting schedule would rely on this, considering four o’ clock flowers don’t tolerate temperatures below 30℉.

1. When to Plant Four O’Clock Seeds Indoors?


If you cannot wait until the last frost is over, you may opt to grow your 4 o’clock plants indoors for the time being. Do this at least six to eight weeks prior to your area’s last frost date.

You must plant them in pots or in containers at a depth of ¼ inch, all while keeping them under grow lights for most of the day. Ensure the soil is well-drained to prevent root rot as you await the very first sprout.

2. When to Plant Four O’Clock Tubers?


Planting 4 o’clock tubers is similar to planting your 4 o’clock seeds. Always wait until the last frost date has passed and for temperatures to become warmer to start sowing.

If you planted four o’clocks and they have bloomed during fall, there’s a risk that the upcoming winter will harm your plant if you live outside of zone 8 to 11. To avoid this, dig up your 4 o’clock tubers before winter, store them indoors in a newspaper or peat moss, and transplant them in spring.

Tips to Grow Four O’clock Flowers From Seeds

1. Soak the seeds before planting


Before you sow four o’clock seeds directly into the ground, soaking them will help speed up the germination process of your seedlings.

You will need:

  1. A small container for the seeds
  2. An ample amount of water

At night time, prepare the materials stated above. The seeds shall be placed in the small container and watered right after. Leave them in the water the whole night until they’re ready for planting.

At this point, the seeds will look distended but remain hard when touched. It usually takes a week or two for them to start sprouting.

2. Sun Samba


Direct and full sunlight is the way to go with these beauties. If you’re finding a place for them to stay, make sure to give 4 o’clock flowers full sunlight for at least six hours every day so that they can grow as vibrant and glamorous as they’re meant to be.

Be sure to avoid very shady areas as they tend to grow gangly in such situations.

3. Soil Serenade


Loose, moist, and nutrient-rich soil is favorable for the plant care of your 4 o’clock flowers. The ground must also have the plant’s preferable pH value, which is 6 to 7.

When loosening the soil, you can use a spading fork to poke and dig around the area where you wish to plant your seedlings. Remove all weeds as well, and pick a spot without strong winds. The amount of loose soil shall reach at least a foot or two deep.

4. Pest Prevention

Sometimes, pests are present wherever we live, and we may not be able to eliminate them. However, pest problems are preventable in several ways. The most common method is called “Companion Planting”.


You can repel pests by adding marigold flowers as well as petunias around or near your four o’clock flowers. They are also quite the addition to your beautiful flower garden.

5. H2O Rhythm


If you are watering your seeds, be as gentle as possible, since we don’t want the seeds to wash away or go further down the soil. It is vital to maintain the soil’s moisture for the seed’s growth.

When watering a grown four o’clock flower, the first inch or two of the soil must never dry out.

If the plants are in pots, you must take note that they require watering more frequently compared to the ones within the grounds.

6. Feeding Fiesta

Let’s not forget to feed four o’clock flowers with their favorite thing, which is balanced fertilizer. This shall be done every month starting in the season of spring and ending during the fall season.

It’s different, however, when you have acquired quality-rich fertilized soil. If you have this on hand, there is no need to fertilize your four o’clocks every month. You can fertilize them once, and it’ll last you for a year!


In the symphony of gardening, timing orchestrates the breathtaking performance of four o’clock seeds. Knowing when to plant four o’clock seeds takes us on a journey that ends with a captivating garden flourishing with enchanting colors!

With the departure of frost, spring’s arrival signals the moment to delicately sow these seeds into the warm embrace of well-draining soil.

The season’s warm let the flowers grow and blossom in your garden under the sun’s spotlight!

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