When to Plant Strawberries in Louisiana?

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when to plant strawberries in louisiana

Everyone loves strawberries for their sweet addition to delicacies and the sheer joy of eating them fresh. One interesting fact about strawberries is that they are classified as “false fruits,” tiny individual fruits encased within a juicy, fleshy receptacle.

Strawberries thrive exceptionally well in Louisiana, with a history dating back to 1876. They are often cultivated in the state in early fall, around September 15 to November 25.

Do you want to know when to plant strawberries in Louisiana? Read further!

Best Time to Plant Strawberries


The right time to plant strawberry plugs in North Louisiana is early fall, from September 15 to November 15. Meanwhile, the strawberry season is around September 25 to November 25 in South Louisiana, or ten days later.

With this schedule, fruit production can begin in February until May, at which point preparation for the next season of planting can commence.

Refer to the table below to determine your frost dates! Since strawberries are not planted in the spring in Louisiana, grow them six weeks before the first frost.

Frost Dates in Louisiana

Places in Louisiana Last Frost Date First Frost Date Planting Season
New Orleans Feb 16 Dec 19 305 days
Lafayette Feb 26 Nov 26 272 days
Baton Rouge Mar 7 Nov 17 254 days
Shreveport Mar 7 Nov 16 253 days
Lake Charles Feb 26 Nov 28 274 days

Strawberry Planting Calendar


Generally, strawberries can thrive in USDA hardiness zones 3-10, depending on the variety.

In zones 3-8, they are often categorized as perennial plants well-suited for cold climates. In zone 9 to 10, on the other hand, they are only classified as cool-season annuals. 

Since Louisiana is in zone 8b, 8a to 10a, cultivating strawberries can be done successfully in the state. However, remember that they may not do well in the hottest parts of these zones.

To make things easier, we prepared a table indicating the average strawberry planting times based on your location.

Hardiness zone Average first frost Suggested planting time
8 November 7 September 26
9 November 25 October 14
10 Frost is rare.

Note: Remain alert of your local weather forecasts as these dates are subject to change.

Strawberries can tolerate cold, but extreme frosts below 32 degrees can still harm them. The ideal temperature for strawberry growth is usually between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Variety of Strawberries


In Louisiana, opting for short-day or day-neutral strawberry varieties is advisable.

Short-day strawberries are better for Louisiana as they are less susceptible to high temperatures above 90℉. This advantage stems from the fact that they fruit during cooler months.

Always choose a variety well-suited for the Louisiana climate and soil conditions to optimize your strawberry yield. Here’s a list of compatible varieties in the state.

  1. Camarosa – This variety is excellent for containers and produces glossy fruits up to two inches long.
  2. Camino Real – An early-season cultivar that grows well under slight shade and has a long shelf life
  3. Florida Brilliance – Developed by the University of Florida, these strawberries have moderate resistance to anthracnose fruit rot and powdery mildew. Florida Brilliance crops also possess consistent fruit sizes with great firmness.
  4. Festival – This variety is excellent for making desserts and freezing. It also requires little nitrogen to thrive.

Tips for Successful Strawberry Planting


  • Planting Guide

Soil pH is critical when planning strawberries in Louisiana’s sandy and silty loam soils. The ideal pH for the crop is 5.8 to 6.2. To modify the soil pH, use lime to make it less acidic and add sulfur if it needs more acidity.

  • Location and Amount of Sunlight

To maximize growth, search for a spot in your garden that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. You should give the strawberries some afternoon shade if the weather is particularly hot.

Note that in most situations, insufficient sunlight will reduce fruit size and quantity.

  • Water

Irrigation is an essential part of growing strawberries. Having a water source is advantageous, especially when they grow from the ground.

Meanwhile, if you grow your strawberries in containers, you can provide enough water using handheld cans.

  • Frost Protection

Strawberry flowers and developing fruits are vulnerable to frost damage, especially as temperatures dip below 26 degrees Fahrenheit (or -3 degrees C).

You may use weather protection cloth and cover them for up to three weeks without causing harm to the plants. 


Isn’t a garden full of strawberry plants bearing red fruits a paradise? The joy you get from eating them is the same as picking the ripened fruits. You anticipate their taste and how you can incorporate them into your desserts.

Cultivating strawberries successfully can give you a rewarding feeling. Thus, we made this guide to equip you with every knowledge you need on when to plant strawberries in Louisiana!

Enjoy sowing sweet strawberries!

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