When to Plant Brussel Sprouts Zone 8 for Best Growth?

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when to plant brussel sprouts zone 8

Similar to zone 7 and other warmer areas, zone 8’s climate is also mild with high temperatures during the summer, making gardeners more vigilant when planting Brussels sprouts.

This crop thrives best when it goes through a cold period. That’s why knowing when to plant Brussel sprouts zone 8 is crucial, as it allows you to sow them during the chillier periods of the region.

The best time to plant these cool-season crops is fall or spring, during September or April because temperatures are lower during this time.

Best Time to Brussel Sprouts Zone 8


1. Plant Brussel seedlings in September


Grow seedlings ten weeks before the first frost for outdoor planting.

Although Brussels sprouts are cool-season crops that prefer a light frost to develop a sweet taste, they cannot tolerate too-low temperatures for long. It will only encourage them to bear yield with unpleasant flavors.

For this reason, gardeners must know the ideal planting times for these veggies to have a harvest of desirable sprouts.

The optimum period for planting them is to grow transplants ten weeks before the first frost. That is around autumn when the weather is cool but not intolerably cold.

On average, the freezing period starts around December 1 in zone 8, so gardeners must grow seedlings outdoors around September 22. But the date will depend on where you live, since the region has many states.

  • In GA, the latest first frost is November 30, so sow transplants around September 21.
  • Meanwhile, in Oklahoma zone 8a, you can plant them as early as September 6 because the area’s cold phase is around November 15.

Compared to zone 9, which can experience frosty temperatures of 20°F, zone 8b can encounter colds of 15°F while 8a can go as low as 10°F.

Hence, you should protect Brussels by mulching them with dried leaves, as they can only tolerate temperatures as low as 20°F.

Start seeds 16-18 weeks before the first frost for indoor planting.

If you want to grow Brussels sprouts from seeds, ensure to do it indoors to protect them from the hot summer and encourage solid head development.

The general rule for sowing seeds in pots inside your home is 16-18 weeks before the first frost starts.

  • For example, since the expected planting date in GA is September 21, count backward another 6-8 weeks for starting seeds indoors. Grow them around July 27 to August 10 because this is the 16-18th week away from the first frost.

2. Plant Brussels transplants in April


The alternative period to grow Brussel sprouts is spring because the temperature during this season is still cool, just like the autumn climate. But for those in zone 8, April is the time for sowing transplants out in the garden.

As a general rule of thumb, you need to start Brussels sprouts indoors at least six weeks before the last frost. Then, transplant seedlings outside after one and a half months (6 weeks).

  • For example, April 1 is the average last frost date in zone 8. Count six weeks backward and sow seeds indoors around February 18.
  • Wait until your seedlings have got six weeks of growth. Then, you can transplant them in the garden around April 1 for fall harvest in October, after 28 weeks of planting.


The climate in zone 8 does not preclude planting Brussels sprouts because it has favorable cool temperatures during autumn and spring.

Remember to plant seedlings ten weeks before the first winter frost or 16 weeks if you intend to start indoors. If you missed the fall planting, it is not too late because the weather in April gives you another chance to grow seedlings.

Now that you know when to plant Brussel sprouts zone 8, I hope you can confidently grow transplants in the garden at the proper time. Thank you for reading!

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