When to Plant Peas in Oklahoma for a Thriving Crop

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when to plant peas in oklahoma

Home-grown peas make the best component for many dishes, since you get to use them in soups, purees, salads, and many other recipes.

However, it might be challenging for us to grow them in Oklahoma because of our subtropical climate, especially in the West, where summer temperatures go over 90℉.

The good thing is we have a mild climate in the spring and fall, perfect for growing these cold-loving crops. Therefore, when to plant peas in Oklahoma? Plant them around April or August 15 to September 10, according to your region.

Best Time to Plant Peas in Oklahoma

1. Plant peas outdoors in April, after the last frost date


Cool-season plants like peas thrive in cold climates and get sensitive when exposed to heat. For this reason, it is best to grow them before summer, as temperatures over 85°F affect their growth and overall quality.

The challenging part is it is common in our state to experience hot weather in most areas. In the Western Panhandle, people can experience heat of around 90°F for two months a year, while those in the Southeast may suffer a temp of around 105°F.

Therefore, proper planting time matters with growing these peas. The typical outdoor grow season starts around April, when the last frost is just around the corner.

The mild weather and soil temperature in the spring of at least 50°F will help peas germinate well and have an ideal development. Planting them two weeks after the last frost is the optimum time to sow them.

Here is a table of the last frost dates of some places in the state, which you can refer to.

City Last Frost Date
Broken Arrow April 8th
Lawton April 7th
Park Hill April 11th
Tulsa April 5th

If you live in Broken Arrow and your last frost is April 8th, plant your peas on April 22nd.

2. Plant outdoors around August through September in the fall


The autumn climate in Oklahoma is another excellent planting time for peas, since the weather during this season is largely mild after the high temperatures of summer.

Cool-season peas thrive in cold climates but not in temperatures lower than 20℉, as it may kill them. The good thing about Oklahoma is it has mild temperatures in the fall ranging between 48°-67℉, sufficient for their needs.

The Oklahoma vegetable planting guide is to sow peas at least six weeks before your region’s first frost. In general, September would be the final month for growing peas throughout zones 6 to 8, considering these areas welcome freezing weather in October and November.

You can also plant peas two weeks earlier than this recommendation, or in August.

For reference, here is a table of the first frost dates of some cities in Oklahoma.

City First Frost Date
Broken Arrow October 26th
Lawton October 31st
Park Hill October 25th
Tulsa October 30th

3. Plant indoors around February


Aside from starting peas outdoors, it’s possible to sow them indoors six to eight weeks before the final frost. In Oklahoma, this would be around late February if we factor in the last frost in April.

Once the weather is warm and the seedling has true leaves, you can move the plant outside.

Peas Planting Guide for Oklahoma


  1. Wait until the soil temperature warms up to at least 50°F, so peas will form sprouts at an ideal time.
  2. Pick a location where the soil has good drainage with a pH of 6.0-7.0. Amend your soil by adding compost to the ground.
  3. Sow seeds at least once inch into the ground in rows seven inches apart. Establish a distance of at least 2 inches between plants, so they can have sufficient space to grow.
  4. Give pea seeds sufficient moisture, and irrigate them regularly with an inch of water per week.

Pea Varieties Suitable for Oklahoma Climate


  1. Oregon Sugar Pod is one of the pea varieties you can plant in Oklahoma, since it thrives in USDA zones 3-10, of which the state is a part. It only needs 60 days to reach maturity and has a crispy texture that makes it appetizing.
  2. Sugar Ann is also excellent for planting, as it has a delightful taste and is very easy to grow. This variety thrives in OK, since it is adaptable to temperatures of zones 3-9.

Other cultivars you can try are Knight, Norli, and Oregon Giant.

Tips for Successful Pea Planting in Oklahoma


  1. Soaking seeds of cowpeas and snap peas for a night will accelerate germination.
  2. When planting pea seeds indoors, use pots with drain holes and place them somewhere with sufficient light, like a window.
  3. Remove unwanted plants around your peas to ensure adequate nutrients and water absorption.


There are lots of factors that affect the ideal development of our peas, and planting them at the right time is the first step to take to achieve successful growth.

Therefore, remember to sow them when temperatures are mild, preferably during April or August, when freeze is not present.

And with the help of growing them in proper locations, like somewhere with well-draining soil, and caring for them, your peas will surely grow well.

Hopefully, reading about when to plant peas in Oklahoma will help you keep them healthy.

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