When to Plant Strawberries in Colorado? (Best Time)

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when to plant strawberries in colorado

Strawberry cultivation in the US contributes more than three billion dollars to the country in agriculture, thanks to several states that actively engage themselves in strawberry planting.

With that being said, Colorado plays a part in this, especially since wild strawberries are home to the Rocky Mountains.

If you also want to produce these fruits, plant them after the last frost from March to May, or read more to learn when to plant strawberries in Colorado.

Best Time to Plant Strawberries in Colorado

1. Plant strawberries outdoors from March to May

  • Plant after the last frost date


Perennial strawberries thrive in the mild weather of spring, making the months from March to May the perfect time for planting them. That is because the chilly weather is mostly over during this time.

The best period to plant strawberry bulbs is after your area’s last killing frost. However, specific painting time will depend on where you live, as Colorado’s hardiness zone ranges from zone 3 through 7.

Therefore, since different areas of the state have varying frost dates, you will need to look up your area’s average last frost to put strawberries in the ground.

Here’s a table you can refer to to know Colorado’s last frost dates per zone.

Zone Number Last Frost Date
Zone 3 May 1st-16th
Zone 4 April 24th – May 12th
Zone 5 April 7th-30th
Zone 6 April 1-21st
Zone 7 March 22nd – April 3rd
  • Plant in a soil temperature of 45-50℉ 


Just as is necessary for all other plants, optimal soil temperature improves strawberries’ development and encourages proper root growth of this crop.

They typically thrive best in a ground temp of 60-70℉, but growing strawberries in Colorado at a soil of 45-50℉ will also suffice. As long as the temperature doesn’t drop below 22℉, your vibrant strawberries will survive.

2. Plant strawberries indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date


Unlike planting outdoors, you do not need to wait until the frosty period is over to start the strawberry season inside your home.

Growing berries 6-8 weeks before the last frost date will help the young seeds germinate well. Therefore, you can start seeds in pots as early as March 17th-31st if you live in zone 4 and your last frost is May 12th.

However, indoor planting is quite challenging for gardeners as strawberry seeds have a low germination rate. But satisfying their needs to grow well will help them develop before transplanting.

Here are some steps to successfully plant strawberries inside your home:

  1. Use a seed starting mix with good drainage (such as one part soil with three parts peat).
  2. Sow seeds below the mixture at a depth of ¼”.
  3. Water well and set them near a window where they can get 12 hours of sunlight each day.
  4. Put them in containers with larger sizes once foliage emerges. Harden the seedlings off and transplant them outdoors.

Strawberries Planting Guide for Colorado


  1. Plant strawberries somewhere with 8 hours of sunlight.
  2. Use well-draining soil for planting. If your planting bed has poor drainage, mix compost with soil to improve its structure.
  3. Create rows with 43 inches between them and plant strawberries with a distance of at least 12 inches between them.

Strawberries Varieties for Colorado Climate

Here are the list and pictures of strawberries that thrive best in Colorado’s climate, which you can refer to when planting:

  • Jewel Strawberries


This variety is cold-resistant, ideal for Colorado’s chilly climate during winter through spring. Jewel berries produce large fruits and have a long shelf-life.

  • Rutgers Scarlet Strawberries


This hybrid is hardy to cold temperatures, perfect for Colorado’s weather. Rutgers strawberries are sweet-flavored and can fight off pest infections.

  • Eversweet Strawberries


This strawberry type is best for areas in Colorado with milder climates, as it flourishes well in the heat. These berries produce lots of fruits and grow well in containers.

Tips for Successful Strawberries Planting in Colorado


  1. Avoid using a planting site where nightshade crops such as tomatoes and fruits like raspberry have been planted within the last three years to prevent diseases.
  2. Ensure not to cover strawberry crowns with soil to keep them safe from decaying problems.
  3. Consider renovating overcrowded strawberry plants to reduce competition for light and nutrients. Cut down foliage without touching the crowns, feed the plants with an N-P-K fertilizer, and remove weeds.
  4. When doing renovation, wait until after you harvest strawberries, when the crops are about to go through dormancy.


Nothing beats a summer with home-grown strawberry fruits that are freshly harvested. Now that you know when to plant strawberries in Colorado, ensure to prepare your growing site and choose the varieties most suitable for your climate for them to thrive.

Keep in mind to plant berries in the spring, after the freezing period, or grow seeds indoors weeks before your last frost to have the best growth.

Follow the planting guide and tips above to have successful cultivation. And remember to give us a like and share this post with your friends!

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