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when to plant caladium bulbs in texas

Caladium bulbs are no doubt one of the most popular grown plants because of their pleasing heart shape, which is good for houseplant decors.

In Texas, people don’t find it hard to grow them because of the typical warm climate suitable for heat-friendly plants.

However, although the state has its usual warm climate, it does not mean it is okay to plant caladium anytime you want.

So, when to plant Caladium Bulbs in Texas? Grow them in May, with an air temperature of 70°-85°F and the right soil type for the best sprouting outcome.

1. Plant Caladium Bulbs in May.


When planting caladium bulbs in Texas, May is the average time to do it because the soil and air temperature have already warmed up during this time.

However, people in Texas have their preferred time to cultivate these bulbs, depending on the weather and conditions of their location.

In Central Texas, people plant them in late April through early May, while in North Texas, they sow the bulbs from mid-May to June.

Wherever you live, waiting after the risk of frost has passed is the best way to plant them. In May, ensure that temperatures have warmed before you cultivate caladiums.

Planting these bulbs at the right time is essential to prevent them from rotting or not thriving, which can happen if the seeds are sown too early or too late.

Therefore, once the first of May arrives, or after all the frost days have passed, you can safely grow the bulbs outdoors without danger.

2. Sow Caladium Bulbs at an Air Temperature of 70°-85°F.

Caladiums develop most efficiently in an environment with daytime temperatures between 70° and 85°F and night temperatures of more than 60°F.

When you grow caladium bulbs at favorable temperatures, it will help them get established properly.

So, once the air temperature falls within this ideal scale, you can start sowing seeds on the ground.

However, if you intend to start earlier, even before the cold season ends, you can plant caladium bulbs indoors at least six weeks before the last frost date in your area.

Here are the caladium bulbs planting instructions when you prefer to start them indoors:

  • Bring them into a warm but well-ventilated room.
  • Put them under artificial lights or near the window to get enough sunlight.
  • Moisturize them when they look dry.
  • Surround your potted caladiums with mulch.

Once the temperatures outside have warmed, it is safe to transplant them outdoors.

3. Grow Caladium Bulbs in the Right Type of Soil.


  • Plant the bulbs in a soil temperature of 70°F and in well-draining soil.

The ideal soil temperature when planting caladium bulbs is at least 70°F. Once winter passes by, the ground will warm up, making it suitable for planting caladiums.

But before you plant them, it’s essential to choose a place with well-drained soil because caladiums need to be moistened often for better growth, but not drenched.

Whether you prefer planting caladium bulbs in pots, hanging baskets, or straight on the soil, frequent irrigation is essential for keeping them hydrated.

  • Apply organic materials when planting caladium bulbs.

One effective way to maintain soil moisture and provide nutrients to your plants is to apply organic mulch to the ground.

This is especially helpful for bulbs in containers, which are more prone to drying out because of their small space for growth.

But not just that, organic materials like pine needles, coffee grounds, and peat moss are also a great way to make the soil acidic.

Caladium bulbs need acidic soil to thrive well, and a pH level of 5.5-6.5 is the ideal level they prefer.

So mulching the soil of your bulbs not only helps maintain its moisture but also keeps the pH level favorable for the plants.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long for caladium bulbs to sprout?

Caladium bulbs take up to twelve weeks to sprout, with the lower estimate applying to warm ground and climate.

Can you leave caladium bulbs on the ground in winter?

It is possible to leave the caladium bulbs on the ground over the winter if the soil doesn’t freeze, drains well, and has enough mulch to protect it from the cold.

However, in some places where the winters are too cold, the safest option is to remove the tubers, store them, and replant them in the following spring.

Do Caladiums like Sun or Shade?

Growing caladiums is best done in partial shade. Placing these bulbs where they can get 3-6 hours of sun, preferably in the morning, is ideal.


Although caladium bulbs are extravagant-looking when used as a houseplant, they are actually low-maintenance and don’t need many requirements when planting.

As shown through this post, you only need mild temperatures, a favorable climate, and proper soil to make them grow well.

Along with that, proper irrigation and mulching can help your bulbs grow into beautiful heart or arrow-shaped plants that thrive in Texas.

Follow the recommendations listed above on when to plant caladium bulbs in Texas, and you should be able to grow these lovely houseplants soon. Thank you for reading!

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