When to Plant Carrots in Zone 7 for Bountiful Crops

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when to plant carrots in zone 7

Carrots are cool-season vegetables that require mild temperatures to develop vibrant orange roots, sweet flavors, and a crunchy texture. If you’re living in a hot climate such as zone 7, it’s necessary to grow them in March and April or July and August for a bumper harvest.

Discover more tips on when to plant carrots in zone 7 and the steps to cultivate them below.

Best Time to Plant Carrots in Zone 7

1. Plant in March and April outdoors


When should I plant carrots? The general rule is to sow them outdoors two to three weeks before the final frost. As long as the ground is workable, you can put carrot seeds in the soil without worrying about freezing weather destroying them. 

Since the last frost in zone 7 is April 15 on average, zone 7a and zone 7b planting schedule can begin as early as March 25. 

You should look up the final spring frost in your locality for more accurate planning. In the meantime, we’ve listed the seeding dates for some areas below.

2. Planting time for different areas


Location in zone 7 Final frost Outdoor seeding date
Atkins, Arkansas April 5 March 15
Winslow, Arizona May 3 April 12
Mountain Park, Georgia April 1 March 11
Islip, New York April 10 March 20
Albemarle, North Carolina April 4 March 14
Asbury Park, New Jersey April 16 March 26

3. What about seeding indoors?


Carrots have sensitive roots that don’t transplant well. For this reason, we recommend planting them directly into the soil and skipping the hardening-off process.

If you insist on doing your zone 7 gardening indoors, grow carrots in pots measuring 8 to 12 inches deep, with 12 inches being the minimum depth for standard varieties. 

Sow the seeds in potting soil with a distance of one inch between them, and keep the plants in their containers until harvest. During this time, it’s best to place them near a south-facing window for proper sunlight exposure. As long as the temperatures are appropriate (40 to 75℉), your carrots should mature well.

4. Is it too late to plant carrots in zone 7?


Carrot plants should be mature and collectible before the harsh winter weather arrives. So, to ensure timely gardening zone 7 residents must sow seeds 70 to 80 days before the first frost at the latest.

Since the region’s average first frost falls on October 30, August 11 to August 21 will be the final seeding dates in zone 7a and 7b fall planting schedule.

Carrot Planting Guide and Maintenance


Here is the zone 7 vegetable planting guide for carrots:

  • Till the soil and remove from it all obstacles like rocks and weeds. This step helps ensure adequate aeration and reduce competition from weeds for nutrients, both of which contribute to fast root establishment and healthy growth.
  • Sow carrots in well-drained soil with six to ten hours of full sun. Avoid hard clay ground and opt for a sandy medium instead.
  • Plant seeds at a depth of ¼ inch and water them with one inch of moisture per week. The seedlings should be three to four inches apart, but you may also position them closer together at planting time and thin the carrots down once they have three true leave
  • Allow for one foot of distance between rows, and avoid exposing the crops to temperatures higher than 80 degrees. Excess heat may turn the carrots bitter and give them a wooden texture.

At the same time, keep in mind these maintenance tips:

  • Cover carrot crowns with mulch to preserve their sweet taste.
  • Stave off carrot rust flies by installing row covers and spraying the larvae with spinosad.
  • Beware of soft rot and leaf blight, which are prevalent diseases affecting carrots in hot climates. Avoid these conditions by growing resistant varieties, watering with the right amounts of moisture, and practicing crop rotation.

Some plants you can rotate with carrots

Some plants you can rotate with carrots are legumes like beans and lentils and leafy greens like broccoli and spinach.

Planting calendar for other vegetables in Zone 7

Harvesting Carrots in Zone 7


Harvest carrots when their taproots start popping out of the soil. Collect your crops in the morning when the weather is cooler and the carrots are somewhere between a nickel and a quarter in diameter for the best taste (or around ¾ to 1 inch).

Simply pull the crops up by hand after loosening the soil with a trowel. If you plant fall carrots zone 7, consider exposing them to one mild frost before harvesting them to enjoy sweeter vegetable flavors.

Do not wash the crops if you want to store them for a long time. Keep them in bags with small holes for ventilation.


We hope this article answers all your questions concerning when to plant carrots in zone 7. Carrots are straightforward to grow, even for beginner gardeners, and they are packed with vitamins and antioxidants while still being versatile and easy to cook with.

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