When to Plant Ranunculus in Zone 7 for Big Blooms?

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William Golder


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Spicing up your garden with the elegant ranunculus flower popularly used in wedding events is surely a great way to put your landscape to the next level.

Its fabulous spiral look and attractive colors, such as red wine, orange, and pink, will make your front yard look expensive.

If you want your home to stand out with its sophisticated garden, learn when to plant Ranunculus in Zone 7 for on-time bloom.

In short, you should plant them in October or November, when the temperature is around 55°F, for ideal growth.

Best Time to Plant Ranunculus in Zone 7

1. Grow Ranunculus in October or November


When planting this type of flora, knowing what month to grow them is essential so they can have optimum growth. They are cool-season plants that prefer a lower but tolerable kind of temperature.

For this reason, planting time may differ according to where you live. Basically, the ranunculus growing zone is from 4 to 10. And for those of us who live in zone 7, October or November in the fall is the best window to do so.

Coincidentally, this planting schedule is similar to other regions with mild climates, such as zone 8. Given how fall-planted ranunculus bulbs can flower the longest, this timeframe is far more favorable than other regions where only spring-sowing is possible, such as zone 6.

If your region is hit with a hard frost when planting ranunculus bulbs in autumn, place the plants under a frost-proof cover.

2. Plant Ranunculus Bulbs in Zone 7 once the temperature hits 55°F


All other flora grow well at a preferred temperature, and this type of flower is no different. An air condition of around 55°F is ideal for encouraging the optimum growth of all ranunculus seedlings.

Not only that, but this temperature is good for initiating an on-time ranunculus bloom in late winter and spring.

However, gardeners should also take note not to plant them in conditions below 25°F, as it’s outside of the ranunculus temperature tolerance range. When exposed to such a cold climate, your ranunculus can become susceptible to root rot and die off.

In contrast, tropical climates, especially during the long summer, are unideal for ranunculus as well. You must avoid planting them when the temperatures get above 75℉; otherwise, the plants may die.

If you want a healthy ranunculus flourishing through its supposed blooming time, plant them at the right temperatures. Other than October and November, early spring can also offer this ideal temperature range, provided that the frost has passed. However, spring ranunculus bulbs will flower for a shorter time than fall-planted ones.

Tips to Care for Ranunculus and Store Ranunculus Corms


  1. The recommended amount of water for ranunculus changes depending on its stages: new bulbs require irrigation twice a month, blooming plants call for a weekly watering, and dormant ones don’t need any water whatsoever.
  2. Feed your Ranunculus plant with fertilizer twice a month during the blooming season to promote ideal flower production.
  3. Watch out as they bloom and snip off the dead ones for healthy growth.
  4. Cut off the flower stems before their petals roll out for a long vase life.
  5. When you plant ranunculus bulbs in pots, space them with at least a 3-inch distance between them.
  6. When growing ranunculus in pots, let them dry off after planting until germination occurs.
  7. When storing ranunculus corms, they prefer a cool place. So set them somewhere in your house that has a cold temp.



Are ranunculus perennials in zone 7?

Yes. All species of ranunculus are perennials in zone 7, where they come back each year. In fact, if grown in the correct zone (4 to 10) and cared for properly, these plants will produce flowers annually.

Can I plant ranunculus in April?

If you live in the colder zones, planting ranunculus in spring around April is ideal. That is because the temperature and soil during this time are favorable for them.

However, if you live in warmer areas, April can be a little too late to grow ranunculus. Besides, as mentioned above, spring-grown ranunculus typically isn’t as prolific and long-lasting as fall-planted ones.

Do you soak ranunculus before planting?

Yes. Soaking ranunculus before planting can help them develop into larger sizes. However, it is necessary not to leave them under the water for too long as they may become rotten. Three to four hours of soaking will do.

Do Ranunculus bulbs multiply?

Yes. Planting one ranunculus can multiply into 8 tubers and produce flowers. However, the number of new tubers can change, depending on the variety you sow.


Learning when to plant Ranunculus in Zone 7 is indeed an essential thing to do because they thrive more in cold temperatures starting around 55°F.

Since we live in zone 7, remember that it’s best to plant them around October or November in autumn for on-time bloom. And for ideal growth, keep them moist but not soggy and fertilize them.

Now that you know the best month to plant them, I hope you’ll successfully grow them at the right time and have elegant blooms by late winter through spring.

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